(a). School Address :120 Wenchung Road, Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County
(b). Our school is on Wenchung Road, neighboring Chung Hsing Junior High School. Its location is of easy access and close to Provincial Route 1 and Kuochi Road, which connects to the Southern Taoyuan Interchange of Highway 2, a convenient gateway for Taoyuan City.
(c). Steps away from the County administration complex, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan Irrigation Association, the school is situated among many educational institutes and bathed in a literary atmosphere.


(a).School Area: 2.2 hectares

(b).School Administrative Infrastructure: The current administration is composed of Academic Office, Student Affairs Office, General Maintenance Office, Counselorˇ¦s Office, Personnel Office, and Comptrollerˇ¦s Office.

(c).Campus facilities include 4 buildings, a student activity center and a playground

(d).Classes: 33 (standard classes)